Why Mexico and the Riviera Nayarit?

This area is special, it has a beauty and magic thats all its own. Forbes magazine rated Mexico as the number one place to retire for a reason.

Baby boomers looking to stretch their US dollars in a place close to a large and easily accessible international airport, (Puerto Vallarta) are not the only demographic finding themselves pulled to the Nayarit cost.

The stunning topography and access to the mountains and ocean make it a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether it's surfing, whale watching, mountain biking, hiking, waterfall exploring, fishing, the list goes on, there is something for everyone. It is like a Mexican Maui, boasting breathtaking ocean views from lush, jungle rich mountains that go right up to the ocean. The current international culture of the travelers to the area as well as the non-locals that call this place home, is very unique and provides a vibe that transcends many people's fears of traveling/living in Mexico. It really creates a safe, culturally rich and dynamic environment, as many people from many different backgrounds live and enjoy these small towns that pepper the coast, creating an amazing melting pot of cultures.

Why Lo de Marcos?

There are many reasons why investing in Lo de Marcos can be considered as the safest and most cost effective placement in the region. On one hand the town has a great infrastructure and street and roads layout, an outstanding 1.4miles long beach (2.2km) with a natural estuary inhabited by all kinds of native birds species and plants. The surf is moderate and swimming is safe and pleasant with temperatures between temperate and warm.

The orientation of the beach guarantees breathtaking sunsets.

Investing in Lo de Marcos is shored up by much more than just the fact that people are looking for more of than just “what Sayulita or San Pancho were 15 years ago”.

Though this is a very valid reason for some of the current growth there, one of the main reasons Lo de Marcos is a great investment is the amount of investment coming to town over the next years by several and very diverse groups building two large boutique resorts flanking the town. The “One & Only” to the north and the “Rosewood” to the south.

These resorts will have Lo de Marcos as their reference of real and authentic Mexican town to dine, shop, walk around, etc. for their super high-end clientele.