We believe that growth and development can happen in a way that actually benefits a Community, and even more importantly on a larger scale, the world; so we created Terramar.

Almost every property we sell, we are helping the new owner create their dream.

Terramar offers a complete array of Architectural services and project management, all at more than competitive rates No job is too big or too small for our talented design team that has over 25 years of extensive Industrial Design and Architectural experience.

All of our designs are made with the goal of reducing their carbon footprint. We are developing a synthetic palapa, made out of recycled material that we believe will revolutionize the palapa industry and reduce the cutting of palms out of the jungle and end the dumping of toxic palapas that have been sprayed with pesticides for years. We also work with local artisans who have developed environmentally friendly, colored, wall finishes for concrete that never needs painting and won’t mold.

Yes... We intend to leave the world a better place when we are done.


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Casa Hugo

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